Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fracking; it's our own DUMB fault.

America's hedonist energy WASTE is culturally pervasive, inexcusable, and suicidal.
Humanity's fate is ALL about the overconsumption of Energy.
Yet, AMERICA Continues to WASTE over 70% of the Energy it Consumes.
(1) 100's of millions of lights unnecessarily burn energy every day and night.
(2)  We over heat, over cool, and over light our municipalities, businesses, offices, homes, churches, SCHOOLS, etc…
(3) Over packaging is the norm, and recycling is inadequate.  Our landfills are busier than ever. Plastics (all of which are derived from petroleum) are the cause of most cancers.
(4) Most Americans do not minimize their driving; road congestion is horrendous.
(5) America's incessant obsession with driving and road construction is the ultimate contradiction to sustainable living.
The ONLY way to eliminate energy waste and over-demand is by using the economic impact of taxing energy. A substantial dollar consequence/reward creates the pragmatic incentive needed to conserve energy. Until the price of gas is $6 to $7 per gallon, Americans will not significantly reduce their driving. Crude oil must be taxed at $160 per barrel(42 gal) and this 'energy consumption tax' be OFFSET by making Federal Income Tax begin at $60k. (Reducing energy demand would cause import costs to fall proportionately to reduced 'demand. Worldwide implementation of "energy consumption taxes" would bring oil prices down dramatically.)
Ford, GM, and Chrysler continue to compete in an industry over-saturated with car makers. They should be the first to transition to the lucrative business of building solar and wind 'energy producers' for the world's 6.7 BILLION people reason$.  They already have the needed infrastructure to mass produce, sell, and install these products.  Failure to innovate the auto industry away from energy consumption to energy production will ultimately cause the ruin our economy and the environment.
The world's dwindling fossil fuel 'supply cannot continue to support energy 'demand.  China, India, and other former 'developing countries' have just begun to compete for the world's remaining fossil fuel.  Continued global demand for energy can ONLY be satisfied with conservation and sustainable energy sources.
Global warming continues to increases with our persistent waste and overuse of fossil fuels.  Human extinction will be the reward for our failure to rapidly and broadly implement renewable energy supplies.  The incentives necessary to implement sustainable and renewable energy supplies can ONLY occur when we employ the economics of TAXING ENERGY.
Look around you; the energy waste is EVERYWHERE !!
Use your influence and resources to promote Energy Conservation.
Americans need to be ever reminded/told to STOP the/our/your Energy WASTE !
Lowell Michalove,PhD   Energy Conservation Advocate

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